Motivation to keep bothering you guys with my posts

So I’ve been lucky enough to have been nominated for the liebster blog award (thanks Jen!! I’m very flattered and happy – I really do love writing about food and travel!

I apparently have a couple of questions to answer, courtesy of Jen, so here we go 🙂

1) If you had to make and eat one meal for the rest of your life (and only one thing) what would it be?
Are we taking calories off the table here? Haha. I’m actually really into Mexican food. In fact, I really enjoy the concept of people not having a whole lotta money, and using these incredible ingredients around them, living off the land, and just cooking this overwhelming food that is so gastronomic, and yet they think nothing of it.

2) Biggest culinary disaster?
I actually remember cooking this dish with Dad once (sorry, Dad) and it involved searing this great big lump of steak in a pan, tipping in some whiskey or something, and then lighting it. Having misjudged the pyromanic abilities of alcohol, mixed with many many years of fat gradually building up on grate, we managed to annihilate half of the rangehood and I don’t think we’ve “flambeed” anything since.

3) Who is your biggest influence when it comes to cooking?
Mum and Dad! What a cop-out answer, huh?! Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I was helping Dad out in the kitchen and getting Mum to teach me wok-related techniques. I remember when I was about 6 years old and Dad and I were mincing our own meat. Mum walked in to find me – this tiny kid – with two of our sharpest knives, going mental on the chuck steak. I’ve been super fortunate that travel and good eatin’ was a huge part of my childhood and now is an even bigger part of my life.

4) If you were on a desert island, which 5 food items would you take with you?
Well I guess that depends on how dire the circumstances. So let’s just say that I’m not eating for sustainability / waiting for rescue, and am just going for enjoying a few good meals. Something to cook fish with! A smoker? A bbq? I’ll assume my fishing skills are up to scratch and that there are good fish around this island. Some big knives to cut open those fresh coconuts I’ll be drinking from.  That’s actually a really tough question!

5) What is your favourite thing about baking?
I like how there is a range of easy to challenging. The sky really is the limit. I like that I have my mainstays but I like how there are methods and bakes that I’ve never tried before. I like how I found macarons outrageously challenging, but that I felt so satisfied when it was done.

Thanks again, Jen, your nomination was very much appreciated! Now to keep blogging!

2 comments on “Motivation to keep bothering you guys with my posts

  1. Fenwicky says:

    Well deserved. Where do I vote?

  2. JP says:

    Good thing your parents introduced u to travel + food. Thank u for acknowledgeing your parents. Now where do we vote?

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