El Jannah, Granville (aka moar chickin!)

The scent wafted delicately… wait, no no, definitely scrap that. The smoke fell heavily? Engulfed? Was the very definition of ubiquitous? Either way, we got off the train at Granville one Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks back and it smelled pretty bloody charcoaly.

It was one mission and one mission only that we had in mind that day, and that was chicken. Charcoal chicken. Nabbing one of the last free tables at the very busy restaurant we dove straight in, ordering a quarter chicken (approx $9 eat in) and also a serve of three felafel ($4.50).

Served with the again ubiquitous lebanese flat bread, as well as vibrant, almost glowing pink pickles and gherkins…and, of course, that famous garlic sauce (toum, I think it’s called)…it was a dish of high expectation.

The chicken, I have to say, was just a little too charcoaly. Parts of it were a little dry and my carcinogen-fearing mother would have chucked a fit. I don’t know where they’re buying these miniature chickens from, either. The garlic sauce was pretty bloody fantastic. It was kind of an aioli on overdrive – not a place to go on a first date, that’s for sure. But garlicky, rich and creamy, it was all I needed.

Eat moar chickin

Eat moar chickin

The felafel was the surprise hit of the day for me. Three crunchy and – finally – not overly dry and salty – felafel came in somewhat of a theatric form. I had expected, well, three felafel on a plate. Instead, there was lettuce, tomato, a great but liquidy hommus and an onion/parsley salad. Oh, and more pickles.

Fantastic felafel

Fantastic felafel

Of course, lunch ain’t lunch without a spot of dessert. Ok, that’s definitely a lie but with the famous Abla’s Pastries around the corner, why not? Some of the best baklava I’ve ever had, and trust me, I’ve had a fair bit in my time. The plate in the picture cost about $8.50

Brilliant baklava

Brilliant baklava

Overall, a good day and a restaurant worth checking out. It’s been around for more than a couple of years and it’s absolutely packed – how could that many people be wrong?

El Jannah
4-6 South Street
Granville NSW 2142

Abla’s Pastries
48-52 Railway Parade
Granville NSW 2142

6 comments on “El Jannah, Granville (aka moar chickin!)

  1. JP says:

    Hmmm baklava with black coffee & turkish delight (rose scented)….and don’t call me “carcinogen-fearing”

  2. Fenwicky says:

    You just can’t beat good middle eastern food and that looks pretty good.

  3. aww that piece of chicken looks so sad! normally their sizes are much more generous! i always buy a whole chook for takeaway and a large garlic sauce cos i dont share 😛

    • perkinsh says:

      Good idea…not for my breath, but I think i’ll have to do that in future! (And yes, pretty sure they got this little guy from the miniature chicken farm that day!!) 🙂

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